A foreigner must apply for a FORM 20 (Letter of Good Cause) in instances where such foreigner failed to renew his or her temporary residence visa before its expiry date. Applications for FORM 20's must comply with the Regulations to the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 as amended. Foreigners are advised to abide by the conditons of their temporary visas.

Illegal Foreigners 

Regulation 30.(1) Upon requesting authorisation as contemplated in section 32(1) of the Act, an illegal foreigner who has neither been arrested for the purpose of deportation nor been ordered to depart and who wishes to apply for status after the date of expiry of his or her visa, shall - 

(a) demonstrate, in writing, to the satisfaction of the Director-General that he or she was unable to apply for such status for reasons beyond his or her control; and

(b) submit proof to the Director-General that he or she is in a position to immediately submit his or her application for status.

(2) Authorisation to remain in the Republic as contemplated in section 32(1) of the Act shall be granted on Form 20.

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